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 Capsule Filling Machine with Tamper 00

(Simultaneously Fills 50 size 00 capsules)


   $ 16.00


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Vitaspace sells the "00" size of both the Capsule Filler and the Tamper.

The Tamper is used to simultaneously pack the powder tightly into all 50 capsules. It is an accessory item, but it is included with every order of the Capsule Filling Machine.

The Capsule Filling Machine consists of a base, holder, spacers and card. It is manually operated and holds 50 capsules in an upright position after the tops have been removed. With the spacers elevating the holder to the height of an upright capsule without the capsule top, place 50 such capsule halves into the holes. Then  pour the powder onto the holder and use the card to spread it over the open ends of the upright capsules until they are full. Apply the tamper to pack the powder tightly. Remove the tamper and repeat the previous procedure. Turn the spacers 90 degrees. Then the holder will slide down the capsules and expose the upper half of the filled capsules. Manually replace the tops of the capsules.